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Over the Counter Antibiotics

Over the counter (OTC) antibiotics are a convenient, safe and effective way to treat infection. OTC antibiotics are available as topical treatments; any oral or injectable antibiotics require a prescription by the treating physician. This is because counseling is needed for administration of the drugs, as taken improperly they can be harmful or can result in building up a tolerance to the very bacteria you’re trying to kill.

The word ‘antibiotics’ tells you what it does: anti- means against, and –biotic means a living organism. Bacteria are living organisms, and there are many good bacteria in our bodies and in the world. However, there are also bacteria that can make us ill or produce infection, and those bacteria are what an antibiotic is designed to fight.

However, if you have a wound or other external issue that involves infection, topical treatments are available that will not only help you heal, but will also reduce or eliminate infection. One of the more well-known OTC antibiotics is Neosporin. Sold as an ointment and dispensed in a tube, Neosporin is famous for killing bacteria and helping wounds heal leaving less of a noticeable scar. It’s something that almost every “Dr. Mom” has in her medicine cabinet, and it’s great for helping to repair skinned knees, cuts, scrapes and many other minor childhood accidents.

Another well-known brand of antibiotic ointment is Bacitrin. Used to treat and prevent infection in scrapes, cuts, and minor burns, this should be placed over the wound after thorough cleansing.

In fact, it’s critical that the wound or burn first be cleansed. Then you must make a decision regarding whether or not to see a physician. No over the counter antibiotic is meant to treat a serious wound or injury. All of the mentioned drugs are for minor problems, and are primarily for reducing the risk of infection. After the wound is carefully and thoroughly cleansed, the person using the over the counter antibiotic should wash his or her hands with hot, soapy water, and then spread the antibiotic on the wound. A bandage should usually be placed over the injury or wound area to keep outside dirt and contagions from infecting the open wound.

Topical over the counter antibiotics should be applied as soon as possible after injury (after the injury has been cleansed and dried, of course). A gauze dressing is ideal, as it lets the wound breathe but keeps out infection-causing dirt. The dressing should be changed at least once every day, more frequently if it becomes soiled. When the dressing is changed, the wound or injury should be carefully inspected. Any change in how the wound looks, any redness, swelling or discharge, such as pus, necessitates a call to your health care provider. These can all be signs of a spreading infection, and you may require more than a topical antibiotic. Blood poisoning can occur if these signs are ignored.

Realize Your Savings for OTC Purchases

As the cost of prescription medication continues to rise, more and more patients are looking for ways to cut back on their medical costs across the board.  This involves shopping around for the best prices on prescriptions, in addition to searching for deals on over-the-counter drugs and non-prescription medical supplies. carries a wide range of over-the-counter medicines at surprisingly low prices.
Over-the-counter, or OTC medications are those that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.  These drugs are sold in neighborhood pharmacies, grocery stores, discount stores and convenience stores.  Some of the most common OTC drugs are antacids, laxatives, cold/cough medicines, antihistamines, allergy relief medication and pain relievers such as ibuprofen and aspirin.  OTC medicines are used to treat a variety of health issues and conditions.

So, why not increase your savings by ordering your family’s OTC medications through  Stock your medicine cabinet with non-prescription medicines and supplies for less with the trusted source for brand name and top quality prescription drugs.

All of its products are dispensed by licensed pharmacists and its OTC inventory is complete with the same national brands you already know and trust. makes ordering quick and easy with your purchases delivered right to your door.  There’s no need to run out to the drug store or drive around town to find what you need.

Saving money is important to so many of us.  Here are some more ways to save on needed medications:

Talk to Your Doctor

Voice your concerns and work with your physician to formulate a plan to help ease the financial burden of costly medications. Your doctor may be able to change your treatment plan to include more affordable alternatives.

Buy Generic

You can save as much as 80% on the cost of brand name drugs by purchasing the generic alternative.  You can often buy generic medications in greater quantities for less, which means your medications will last longer and your dollar will stretch further.  Ask your physician if there is a cheaper generic drug available to treat your condition.

Buy OTC Medications by Mail

If your health insurance offers drug coverage, you may be able to save significantly on prescriptions and some OTC medications or supplies by purchasing your drugs through your insurer’s mail-order program.  Often, plans offer 90-day supplies of most drugs at savings of up to 25% off your normal co-pay.  Your medications are also delivered straight to your door. Because you are ordering through your health insurance company, you never have to worry if the products are covered by your plan.

Buy OTC Medications Online

Purchasing prescription and non-prescription medications online is now one of the most popular ways to shop for drugs and other medical supplies.  An online pharmacy like is the most convenient way to shop.  It is perfect for those who live in rural areas, doesn’t drive, ill, disabled or homebound.  These online retailers sell the same branded and high quality generic drugs as your local pharmacy, often at deep discounts.  Always check a site’s accreditation and verification certificates before purchasing to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality medications and that your personal, medical and financial information is secure.
It is not difficult to find great deals and save money on over-the-counter medications.  If you know where to look, you can easily uncover ways to stock your medicine cabinet without breaking the bank.

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