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Canadian Pharmacy, Canada Drugs and Clinical Drug Trial News is Only a Click Away

Canada Drug Center offers a quick and easy reference for the latest news about Canadian pharmacy drugs and clinical drug trials. One click is all it takes. orders all the latest news into three categories: Canadian Pharmacy, Canada Drugs, and Clinical Drug Trials. Each category will feature new articles on a near daily basis so it's easy for patients keep up with what's happening in the pharmaceutical research field.

Canadian Pharmacy News

More than 1 million Americans buy their prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies each year. Staying up to date on this information helps American and Canadians alike plan their budget. With all the information a savvy consumer needs to know in one place, it's easier to conduct research stress free. posts only the most relevant information about the diseases and disorders facing medical practitioners today. Some of the topics covered in recent posts include:
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Prostate cancer
  • Alzheimer's disease

Canada Drugs News

The price of prescription drugs more than doubling since 1990, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. As a result, more and more patients have switched to buying drugs from Canada to fill their prescriptions. Canada Drug Center has stepped in to provide a comprehensive source for emerging news on the topic.
Finding the right news article is as easy as clicking on the appropriate link or using the comprehensive search tool. Recent articles have covered diverse topics including:
  • How people who suffer from stress and depression lead shorter lives
  • How the elderly suffer a poor quality of life with arthritis
  • Disposal of prescription medications
  • An osteoarthritis treatment that can prevent gastric ulcers
  • How antidepressants and anti-inflammatory drugs don't mix
  • Drugs that may make diabetes worse

Clinical Drug Trial News

Not every Canada drug is right for every ailment. And as research developments surface about new and emerging pharmaceuticals, it can be hard to weed through what works and what is pure conjecture. A clinical drug trial can help alleviate this uncertainty. As updates to current trials become available, Canada Drug Center is committed to keeping customers and casual researchers updated with the most recent clinical drug trial news.
Some of the treatments recently reported include:
  • Cardiac repair treatments
  • Breast cancer antibodies
  • Hypertension treatments
  • Postmenopausal osteoporosis trials
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treatments
  • Treatments boosting low testosterone

When you have everything you need to know about Canadian pharmacy, medical updates and clinical drug trials at the click of a button, it makes it easier to keep well-informed.

Canadian Pharmacy

FDA issues report warning drivers about using over the counter drugs

Using over the counter medications is often the easiest way to alleviate a headache or other minor ailment............

  Women could develop depression after suffering a heart attack

  Recent migraine studies reveal new treatment information

  New California project hopes to provide depression care for older adults

  The relationship between exercise and depression


Canada Drugs

Anti-inflammatory drugs may help alleviate symptoms of depression

There are many types of factors that are known to produce triggers of depression symptoms, ranging from environmental to personal experiences............

  Asthma in children connected to poor ventilation for gas stoves

  Easy lifestyle changes to help reduce heartburn

  Baby boomers with asthma may face other health complications

  Avoiding heartburn during exercise


Clinical Drug Trials

Successful clinical study may lead to more popular medications for hay fever

Grass allergies, also known as hay fever, are some of the most common conditions in the spring that can be treated with drugs from an internet pharmacy............

  Frequent NSAID users could benefit from Nexium

  Government shutdown could affect future popular medications

  Study: Psoriasis drug blocks the progression of Type 1 diabetes

  Phase I clinical trial for HIV treatment shows positive results



Exposure to air pollution may be what's kicking up your asthma symptoms

More often than not, environmental factors play a crucial role in your management of asthma over many other elements in life. ...........

  Job security worries may increase risk of first-time asthma attack

  Researchers develop first blood test to diagnose depression

  Does grief impact your immune system?

  The top excuses for avoiding flu vaccination


Get that extra performance edge with sports nutrition

Preparing your body for sporting activities by eating well

It might seem surprising, but the nutritional requirements of the average couch potato and the serious gym aficionado aren't glaringly different. Both need the same range of minerals, vitamins, fats and proteins to keep the system ticking over healthily............

Mind and body: how to unite both aspects for a new you

A holistic approach (whole body) to health

Getting fit and healthy requires mental resolve and positive thinking. And staying fit and healthy requires more of it. After years of experience in personal training and health nutrition, I learned early on that minds and bodies aren't disconnected. They influence one another intimately, all the time. The question for those determined to stay healthy and fit is: how can I ensure that relationship is predominantly positive? ...........

Stop Smoking Drugs

The Saskatchewan government is looking to help people quit smoking via two new Canadian drugs for which they will provide financial assistance in the New Year...........

Vaccinations Recommended as Flu Season Hits

The flu season has officially begun in Canada, and officials are advising citizens to go out and get their Canadian drug vaccinations to prevent infection...........

Are Drug Companies Charging Too Much

In recent days, much has been made of the case concerning 26 year-old Lucas Maciesza, the young man suffering from a rare and fatal blood disorder who is unable to obtain the Canadian drug Soliris, because being able to afford the drug is beyond him and his family’s reach...........

Back-Flip over Cigarette Labels

The Canadian government is becoming used to carrying out spectacular back-flips...........

Canadian Drugs save Cancer Sufferer

A man diagnosed with stage four colon cancer has come through his ordeal thanks to Canadian drugs...........

Canadian Abuse CEO Joins Worldwide Fight

Michel Perron, the chief executive officer of the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA), has stepped into a new role as chairman of the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC)...........

Canadians Blasé Over ‘Flu

Canadians are too blasé about getting or not getting their annual Canada drug ‘flu vaccines, according to doctors worried by the results of the Canadian Community Health Survey...........

Canadian Boxer Pulls No Punches

George Chuvalo pulled no punches as a former Canadian heavyweight boxing champion, and he wasn’t pulling any in his recent visit to Clarkson Secondary School in Missisauga, either...........

Canadian Company Launches Drug in US

A Canadian drug company has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to launch its new drug in the States...........

Drug Developer Loses but Gains

Canadian drug development company Labopharm Inc has reported a net loss of over seven million dollars for its third quarter of this year..........

Drug Companies Want EU Deal

Canadian drug companies are attempting to swing a deal via the European Union that will enable them expand their patent rights and send Canadian drug prices skyrocketing...........

Drug Reforms Reduce Profits

Shoppers Drug Mart has suffered a loss in profit as a result of the Ontario reforms that cut the amount it pays for generic Canadian drugs in half, though not as much as the retail giant was initially expecting...........

Drug Review Will Threaten Lives

The revamping of the current Canadian drug review process in British Columbia could put the safety of some Canada drugs into question and even place lives at risk, according to Michael McBane, the national coordinator of the Canadian Health Coalition...........

Drug Resistant Flu Cases on the Rise

Resistance to Canadian drugs appears to be on the rise in certain strains of the flu virus, according to two new studies which are set to be published in the January 1st, 2011 edition of the Journal of Infectious Diseases...........

The Love Drug

Want a Canadian drug to make you healthier? Try the love drug. That’s the result of new research from the University of Windsor, which suggests love and happiness is the most successful Canada drug of them all to improve your overall health and well being..........

Anti-Pesticide Campaign Continues

Campaigners against the Canadian drugs that fall into the bracket of pesticides may have failed to stop Rossland City Council from using the Canadian drugs for “cosmetic” reasons, but they are not about to give up just yet..........

Warning Over Bone Strengthening Drug

Health Canada has issued a warning over a drug supposedly intended to strengthen bones that could in fact cause an increased risk of fracture in some patients. The group of Canadian meds, which are widely available from Canadian pharmacies, are known as biophosphonates and used to treat men and post menopausal women who are suffering from osteoporosis, but are now under review by Health Canada..........

Animal Rights Group Demand Access to UBC

Animal rights activists are demanding a lifting of the “veil of secrecy” around animal testing carried out by scientists at the University of British Columbia. Up to a hundred thousand animals are subjected to experimentation, including the testing of Canadian drugs, at the University, and Brian Vincent of the Stop UBC Animal Research, wants to know what is being hidden from the public behind closed doors..........

Drug Plans Responsible for Higher Prices

Canadians are paying up to ninety percent more for generic Canada drugs than citizens of the United States are, according to a new study by the Fraser Institute. The Institute claims that the reason for the inflated prices is entirely down to Canada drug plans run by the government which alter retail prices and fail to successfully pass discounts onto the consumer at Canadian pharmacies..........

Stirling Pharma Gets Site License

Emerging Canadian drug company Stirling Pharma Inc has been granted a site license by Health Canada’s Minister of Health to manufacture, package and distribute natural health products at its manufacturing plant in North Sydney, Nova Scotia..........

Questions Raised Over Meridia Withdrawal

The decision by Abbott Laboratories to withdraw weight loss Canadian drug Meridia from US and Canadian pharmacies following requests and Health Canada has come under question by some Doctors. Although the Canadian drug has been found to give a higher risk – by around eleven percent - of heart attack and stroke to patients who already have a history of heart disease, many Doctors are wondering if the decision to ban the drug from US and Canadian pharmacies altogether isn’t just a little bit excessive, and in fact being unfair toward patients who use the drug who do not have a history of heart disease..........

Making a Positive Impact

The cost of Canadian drug abuse on society is enormous, in terms of financial, health and social impact, but while investing time and money on the Canada drug abuse issue is clearly vital, both for the government and for the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA), the question is – how do you define a return on the investment made on that Canadian drug abuse fight?..........

Rate of Drinking and Drug Use Higher in Pregnant Alberta Women

More and more women in the province of Alberta are admitting to have drunk alcohol or taken illegal Canadian drugs while pregnant than ever before, while the rate of smoking, despite having declined slightly since 2000, still remains “very high”, according to Dr. Doug Wilson, Alberta Children’s Hospital’s head of obstetrics. “The reality is, smoking is an addiction,” Wilson says. “If we have higher rates of smoking in young women who then become pregnant, it’s difficult for them to remove that addiction.” ..........

More Canadians Go Overseas for Treatment

More and more Canadians are heading overseas for treatment that is unavailable in their home country. The Liberation therapy treatment for multiple sclerosis, which uses surgery to clear blocked veins rather than conventional Canadian drugs, is the latest and biggest reason why so many Canadian citizens are taking their cases overseas rather than waiting for the Canadian health service to catch up..........

New Guidelines For Osteoporosis Screening

New guidelines are being drawn up that aim to treat osteoporosis as aggressively as heart attacks. A new article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says that “fragility fractures”, which constitute eighty percent of all fractures in women over the age of fifty years old, need to be treated to prevent reoccurrences..........

Implantable Medication Cuts Addiction

A new implantable medication avoids both the risk of patients forgetting to take their medication and cuts down on illicit Canadian drug use, according to researchers. Buprenorphine, which has been available from Canadian pharmacies since 2008, helps Canadian drug addicts to kick their addiction to substances such as heroin and Oxycontin because it blocks the euphoric effects while simultaneously stopping cravings and associated withdrawal symptoms..........

Meridia Removed From Market

Weight loss Canadian drug Meridia is being withdrawn from the market in both Canada and the United States. Abbott Laboratories has decided to voluntarily withdraw the product, which contains the Canadian drug Sibutramine, after a review by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded that those taking the Canada drug have a sixteen percent higher chance of heart attack, stroke and death..........

Lawsuits Ahead for Brazilian Blowout

The California hair company that manufactures Brazilian Blowout solution has been served with a lawsuit from salons after Health Canada revealed that the product, supposedly free of Canadian drug formaldehyde, in fact contained toxic levels of around twelve percent, when no more than 0.2 percent of it is allowed in any cosmetic in the country, and has caused serious side effects in some customers..........

New Zealand Joins Canadian MMS Warning

New Zealand’s health regulation body Medsafe has joined Health Canada in warning its country’s citizens against Canadian drugs Miracle Mineral Solution products. Also known as Miracle Mineral Supplements, the tablets are, as they were in Canada, being called a serious threat to health. The FDA in the United States and the Food Standards Authority in the United Kingdom have also issued similar warnings in the past..........

Brazilian Blowout Health Concerns

Health Canada has raised the warning flag over a new salon hair treatment that contains a dangerous amount of the carcinogenic Canadian drug formaldehyde. Brazilian Blowout Solution, a trendy treatment for women’s hair invented by Braziian Blowout of California, has been revealed to contain no less than twelve percent of the carcinogenic Canadian drug, a shocking amount over the maximum limit of formaldehyde allowed in cosmetic products under federal law – which is as little as under half a percent. Health Canada says the level of formaldehyde in the hair treatment absolutely puts consumers at unnecessary risk..........

More Medical Marijuana Melodrama

The melodrama continues over the use of and difficulty in obtaining a license for the Canadian drug medical marijuana. West Kelowna man Dave Napora was born with a genetic disease that causes extreme depression and pain and is continually degenerative in nature, but says that while he has been given a prescription for the Canadian drug by his doctors, he has been waiting eight months for Health Canada to issue him a license – and is still waiting, despite being told initially that the license would take only up to two months to be issued..........

New Drug Resistant Bacteria Fears

Another form of bacteria that is resistant to Canadian drugs is raising fears and microbiologists are calling for extra screenings of Canadians who have been in hospital in the United States and other countries such as Greece and Israel..........

Health Canada Approves VIVIMIND

Health Canada has given the seal of approval to natural health product VIVIMIND, allowing it to legally go on sale across the country. VIVIMIND contains the Canadian drug homotaurine, which is a natural amino acid that is common in certain types of seaweed. The product claims to be able to help a particular area of the brain called the hippocampus, which is the area responsible for learning and memory. The company behind VIVIMIND, BELLUS Health Inc, claims that the Canadian drug is able to help normal older people be less forgetful, though it is not targeted at Alzheimer’s patients. However, a study did find that Alzheimer’s patients taking the Canada drug VIVIMIND had their hippocampus volume loss reduced by up to sixty eight percent..........

Cholesterol Drugs Linked to Lung Problems

Canadian drugs called statins, commonly used to treat people with high cholesterol, may be having previously unacknowledged and highly dangerous side effects. Health Canada has issued a report in their most recent Adverse Reaction newsletter, discussing no less than eight cases of interstitial lung disease (ISD) which are suspected to have been caused by the Canadian drugs. Six of the cases were reportedly very serious, while two actually improved once they ceased taking statins..........

Lawsuit Over Drugs Bust Up

A federal scientist is suing a Health Canada director for defamation after a dispute over Canada drugs became personal and abusive..........

Testosterone To Help Women with Heart Failure

A new study is the latest that suggests that the male hormone Canadian drug testosterone could be used to help prevent heart failure in women. While researchers are not at the point of recommending that women be prescribed the Canadian drug, cardiologist Justin A. Ezekowitz believes there is definitely something in the findings..........

Electronic Drug Records Will Save Millions, Says Study

The new electronic Canadian drugs information system will save up to four hundred and thirty six million in just one year, according to a new study released by the company tasked with the job of digitizing the country’s health system..........

New Female Sexual Dysfunction Drug

A new Canadian drug to treat vaginal atrophy and female sexual dysfunction is being developed by a new partnership between Bayer Inc and EndoCeutics Inc, who are based in Quebec. The deal, believed to be worth up to three hundred and thirty million dollars, was revealed on Tuesday and concerns the Phase III development and marketing of the new Canada drug Dehydroepiandrosterone, otherwise known as DHEA..........

Is Codeine Toxic?

Even normal doses of popular Canadian drug Codeine can be lethally toxic, according to a new report from the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The new report says that the Canadian drug, which has been widely available from Canadian pharmacies since the 1800s, has never been the subject of the kind of stringent medical testing that all modern drugs have to go through, and that if it were, it would never be allowed on the market..........

Brand Names Fight Back

Brand name Canadian drugs are fighting back against what they call a ¡°misguided¡± war on their products, describing as a ¡°myth¡± the perception that they are too expensive..........

Another Canadian Vaccine for Children Recommended

Pediatricians are recommending that children be given yet another Canadian drug vaccine ¨C this time to prevent against them contracting rotavirus. Rotavirus is the primary cause of gastroenteritis in young children, which inflames the stomach and leads to vomiting and diarrhea. Extreme cases can result in dehydration and shock, and the virus is extremely contagious..........

Marijuana Delays Complaints Continue

Health Canada¡¯s delays in processing medical marijuana licenses are completely unacceptable, according to a prominent MP and a former police officer who now runs a grow-op collective for licensed growers and users of the Canadian drug..........

Flavored Tobacco Controversy

Tobacco companies selling flavored cigarettes containing the Canadian drug are being accused of playing ¡°a game of cat and mouse¡± with the law by ever so slightly changing the design of their product to avoid new guidelines..........

Ecstasy On Way Back, Thanks to Canadian Suppliers

Party drug Ecstasy is on the way back in the US, and Canadian drug suppliers are behind it, according to the DEA..........

Orphan Drugs Approval Changes in Offing

Changes to the way ¡°orphan¡± Canadian drugs used to treat rare diseases are approved are under way by Health Canada after years of lobbying by patient groups..........

White Noise for ADHD Sufferers

Children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (otherwise known as ADHD) may not need the powerful prescription Canada drugs they are usually given, according to a startling new study from Scandinavia. The study suggests that a Canadian drug free treatment of just exposing them to ¡°white noise¡± can be just as effective in helping them concentrate and learn as keeping them doped up on Canada drugs..........

Worries Grow Over Cancer Costs

The cost of Canadian drugs for cancer treatment is looming as a major issue for the country¡¯s health care system, as more and more attention becomes focused on the fact that the system does not cover the cost of the Canada drugs, which could leave many Canadians destitute if the worst came to the worst..........

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