How To Treat Asthma And Its Primary Symptoms. What Are The Recommended Drugs

By | April 29, 2014

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airway that causes swelling and inflammation in the airways. It narrows the passage to the airways that causes serious breathing problems. More recently, due to lifestyle problems, Asthma has become an epidemic and its incidence is on the rise. The symptoms of the disease get intensified when a patient comes into the contact with dust and dirt. Shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing are the common symptoms of Asthma.

What Are The Primary Causes Of Asthma :

There are a number of factors that aggravate the symptoms of Asthma. These factors include smoking habits, pollen, change in weather and strong emotions. When asthma attacks, inflammation occurs in the linings of the airway. A number of genetic and environmental factors are responsible for the disease and its symptoms. If a person has a family history of allergies he may prone to the asthma attacks.

What Are The Primary Symptoms Of Asthma:

The overall impact of asthma varies from one person to another. Some people complain of long-term shortness of breath while others may have wheezing or coughing. Asthmatic attack may last for minutes to a few days as well. In case the airflow is severely restricted, asthma may turn deadly. The following are a few symptoms of Asthma that should be diagnosed as early as possible.

  • Tightened neck and chest muscles
  • Blue lips or fingernails
  • Wheezing or coughing after exercise
  • Decreases or changes in lung function
  • Frequent cough, especially at night
  • Signs of a cold or allergies

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Asthma:

In order to diagnose the symptoms of Asthma, doctors perform a range of test and analysis. It helps to identify the allergens that cause asthma in the long term. Doctors may perform Chest x-ray, Lung function tests, Peak flow measurements and blood tests in order measure the eosinophil counts. Some of the highly effective and recommended drugs helpful in asthma treatment are Flovent, Advair and Singulair. These drugs are very effective and the patients who are using them should be monitored by a doctor, nurse or pharmacist.


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