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Top Ten Most Popular Over-the-Counter Medications

Along with its extensive inventory of prescription drugs that offer significant savings, also offers a wide range of non-prescription and over-the-counter medications to help its customers save even more.  Its affordable prices on over-the-counter medications make it the sensible choice for all of your family’s retail medical needs.

What are OTC Drugs?

OTC, or over-the-counter drugs, are medications that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.  These drugs are sold in traditional neighborhood pharmacies, grocery stores, convenience stores, and discount stores.  The most common OTC medications are cold and cough remedies, allergy relief products, antacids, laxatives, and pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen. 

OTC drugs usually treat common conditions that affect a large segment of the population. They are also used for non-emergency medical issues such as headaches, muscle aches, allergies or allergic reactions, stomach problems, cold and flu, and minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and superficial burns.

At, we offer a comprehensive inventory of over-the-counter medications and medical supplies.   You can save even more time and money by shopping from our list of most popular OTC products.

Top Ten OTC Medications at

1.  Nicorette Gum Original, 2mg, 105 pieces

Nicorette, our most popular over-the-counter item, is a sugar free gum designed to help those who wish to quit smoking.  Nicorette provides a steady, controlled dose of nicotine at a slower and less intense rate than cigarettes, and without the harmful toxins contained in tobacco smoke.  This temporary therapeutic aid helps ease smokers’ nicotine withdrawal symptoms so that they can successfully quit smoking.  The body gradually adjusts to the lower levels of nicotine until the body’s cravings subside completely.  This 2mg dose in Nicorette’s popular Original flavor is appropriate for smokers who smoke fewer than 25 cigarettes a day.

2.  Nicorette Gum Original, 4mg, 105 pieces

Always use nicotine gum in conjunction with a strong support plan and a focused approach to identifying and eliminating the patterns that link cigarette smoking with daily activities.  Nicorette 4mg in Original can help even heavy smokers quit faster and more successfully.  The 4mg strength is recommended for those who consume more than 25 cigarettes in a single day.

3.  Cetirizine, 10mg, 30 tablets

Cetirizine is the generic form of Zyrtec, a popular over-the-counter allergy medication.  Cetirizine is an antihistamine that can help relieve symptoms commonly associated with seasonal and environmental allergies, including:

  • Itchy, watery eyes.
  • Sneezing.
  • Runny nose or nasal congestion.
  • Sinus pressure caused by allergies.
  • Itchy nose.
  • Hives.

4.  Nicorette Gum Fresh Mint, 2mg, 105 pieces

Suitable for light to moderate smokers, 2mg Nicorette Gum in Fresh Mint delivers powerful medicine with a great, refreshing mint taste.  The controlled dose of nicotine released in each piece of gum calms cravings and allows smokers to focus on breaking the habit, so they’re more likely to commit to quitting.

5.  Nicorette Gum Fresh Mint, 4mg, 105 pieces

The more powerful 4mg Nicorette Fresh Mint helps heavy smokers—those who smoke 25 or more cigarettes a day—gradually step down and gain control over their nicotine intake.  Strong or frequent cravings are easily managed with an extra piece of gum, and the classic Fresh Mint flavor adds variety to any quitting regimen.    When used as directed, Nicorette Fresh Mint can help double a smoker’s chances of quitting successfully.

6.  Drixoral Cold and Sinus, 6-120mg, 10 tablets

Drixoral Cold and Sinus is a popular cold remedy that combines a powerful antihistamine with a strong decongestant to tackle even the toughest cold and allergy symptoms.  The antihistamine helps relieve the sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and runny nose that are often associated with allergies.  The decongestant helps ease the sinus pressure, stuffy nose, and chest congestion that frequently occur with the common cold.

7.  Preparation-H with Bio-Dyne, 50 grams

No longer available in U.S. pharmacies, this Preparation-H formula with Bio-Dyne not only helps to ease the discomfort and itching associated with hemorrhoids, but it has also become a popular cure for a wide range of other conditions.  This Canadian Preparation-H has been used to treat bed sores, itching caused by healing surgical incisions and scars, burns, cracked fingers, and even wrinkles, puffy eyes, and under-eye bags.

8.  Nicorette Inhaler Refill Pack, 10mg (4mg delivered), 42 pieces

Heavy smokers know how hard it is to quit.  It’s not only the physical cravings that can derail a stop-smoking plan. The psychological desire to smoke has also spoiled many an attempt.  With the Nicorette Inhaler, smokers can satisfy their nicotine cravings while allowing their brains to indulge in the habit of smoking.

The Nicorette Inhaler is a plastic tube that is the same size, shape, and weight of a cigarette.  The end of the tube contains a plug loaded with nicotine that can be replaced as often as necessary.  Menthol flavoring has been added to the refill to aid in the authenticity of the experience.  The cartridge is inserted into the mouth, where the nicotine in the plug is vaporized and absorbed in the mouth as air is pulled in through the tube.  The amount of nicotine released into the body is sufficient to relieve cravings but not nearly as high as that contained in a cigarette.  There are also no harmful toxins or carbon monoxide in the nicotine mist delivered by the Nicorette Inhaler.

9.  Zyrtec, 10mg, 20 tablets

Once available only by prescription, Zyrtec is now one of the most popular OTC medications for the treatment of allergy symptoms.  The classic Zyrtec formula helps temporarily ease the discomfort of runny nose; sneezing; itchy, watery eyes; and itchy nose and throat that usually accompany hay fever, seasonal allergies, or upper respiratory allergies.  This form of the drug is intended for adults and children over 12.

10.  Robax Platinum, 200-500mg, 40 tablets

Robax Platinum is a combination of medicines that help to relax muscles and ease pain.  Methocarbamol, one of the active ingredients in Robax Platinum, is a muscle relaxant that helps treat muscle spasms, while ibuprofen is a common and powerful pain reliever that also helps to reduce inflammation.  Robax Platinum is most frequently used to treat pain associated with muscle spasms, such as those that occur with sprains, muscle strains, back pain, and tense neck muscles.

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