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How To Find A Canadian Internet Pharmacy

Why would you want to use a Canadian internet pharmacy? Unlike every other industrialized country in the world, the United States have set no price limits on their prescription drugs. This has lead to U.S. citizens paying the highest prices for their medications. In the search for affordable prescription drugs many Americans are now turning to Canada for their supply. In a recent poll, carried out by The Wall Street Journal, over 80% of Americans said they supported importing reasonably priced medicines from Canada. More than one in ten people surveyed were already taking their prescriptions north to Canadian pharmacies.

The easiest way to make significant savings on your prescription medication is to find a Canadian internet pharmacy. However, with many different websites claiming to be canadian pharmacy how do you know you're picking the right one? Some people are understandably wary of using Canadian internet pharmacies due to the actions of some unscrupulous marketers. One problem has been the amount of spam emails sent out advertising Canadian internet pharmacies. This email bombardment has led to some people associating online pharmacies with spam. It should be mentioned however that it is not the pharmacies themselves that have been sending out the emails but misguided affiliates looking to cash in. A second cause for concern has been the stories of con-men setting up a so-called Canadian internet pharmacy but sourcing their medications from unreliable sources. With this being so, how do you find a legitimate online pharmacy?

Checklist for finding the right Canadian Internet Pharmacy:
A legitimate Canadian internet pharmacy will bear the CIPA logo on their website. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) regulates the internet pharmacy industry and help safeguard potential customers from untrustworthy suppliers.

Once you have found the CIPA logo, check the website for a physical address and telephone number. Bona fide Canadian internet pharmacies must display their contact details somewhere on their website. These are usually at the bottom of the first page or on a separate contact page. Do not be afraid to telephone the number on the website to verify that the website you are looking at is indeed legitimate.

An honest Canadian internet pharmacy will not sell prescription medication to anyone without a prescription from their doctor. You should immediately be suspicious of any pharmacy that is prepared to send out medication without requiring a prescription.
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