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Cheap Canadian Drugs

There has been an increasing demand in the United States for cheap Canadian drugs. Prices for prescription medicine in the U.S. are among the highest in the world. People who require regular medication can find that they can not afford the drugs they need. Accordingly, they turn to cheap Canadian drugs. The savings can be high, with people saving as much as 80% on the price of their prescription medicines.

Why are Canadian drugs cheap?
The drug companies in the U.S. have tirelessly campaigned against not only price-controls for prescription drugs but against the importation of cheaper drugs from elsewhere. Their motive is not greed, they say, but to raise the finances necessary to research, discover and produce new and more effective medications. Currently the cost of manufacturing prescription drugs is low but the cost of research into new drugs is high. Without the revenue from prescription drugs, new research can not be funded.

Canadian drugs are cheaper to buy because the prices on prescription medicines are fixed. This does not mean that the drugs themselves are necessarily inferior to U.S. produced medications. As we have already noted, the manufacturing costs for medications are low, and so cheap Canadian drugs do not mean that costs are cut in production. In fact, Canadian drugs are regulated by Health Canada, a similar organization to the U.S. regulatory body, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How popular are these cheap Canadian drugs?
According to a poll carried out on behalf of The Wall Street Journal in 2006, over 80% of Americans agree that it should be legal to import drugs from Canada that have been approved and vetted by Health Canada. The survey also discovered that more than one in ten Americans have purchased prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies.

How to purchase cheap Canadian drugs
There are three ways to obtain prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies. The first is to actually visit a pharmacy in Canada and buy the medication over the counter. The second is to order the drugs you require through a mail order service. The third, and increasingly popular method, is to go through an online website.

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